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The carpet cleaning industry is a challenging industry with millions of potential customers looking for trusted providers. The first impression of you and your business is your website.


ADA Compliant Carpet Cleaning Websites

Technology and the internet have transformed nearly all aspects of our daily life. Unfortunately, not everyone has an equally positive experience in this digital world. When websites are designed with accessibility in mind, people of all abilities benefit. 

First and foremost, creating and maintaining a website inclusive of everyone is the right thing to do. With 22% of Americans over the age of 15 living with at least one disability, it’s unlikely most websites would intentionally exclude such a large percentage of people.  

Web accessibility and usability go hand-in-hand. In fact, many of the core elements for creating an accessible website also lead to easier web navigation for all visitors. Let’s review the common elements where accessibility and usability overlap.

Carpet cleaning SEO is an online marketing approach that focuses on improving your website’s organic rankings on search engines like Google. The main goal of SEO is to target users who rely on Google and other search engines to find local companies. After all, 86% of people use the internet to find local businesses, so online marketing can help you generate quality carpet cleaning leads consistently.

Every time users conduct searches on Google, they rely on the search giant to provide them with the best results in terms of relevancy and quality. Google takes hundreds of different factors into consideration when determining the rankings of the search results. SEO aims to optimize the different ranking factors in order to boost the performance of your website and get better rankings for your individual pages.

Carpet Cleaning Local SEO is a part of general search engine optimization that focuses on promoting your services to your immediate community. After all, most carpet cleaners rely on their local audience to generate income. So, carpet cleaning local SEO can help you identify the areas you need to target, find the right keywords, and attract visitors to these specific regions.

Interesting Carpet Cleaning Websites Stats

Carpet cleaning is something that almost every home and business does on their own on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This regular maintenance helps to extend the life of a carpet. Then, once per year, the carpet cleaning industry can provide a deep-cleaning service which further extends the potential life of the carpet.

The carpet cleaning industry in the United States generates an average of $5 billion in revenues annually. (IBIS World)

For the 5-year period ending in 2017, the industry achieved an annualized growth rate of 1.6%. About 37,000 firms are currently operating within the U.S. industry, employing almost 70,000 people. (IBIS World)

The carpet cleaning industry is considered a segment of the overall cleaning industry, combined with cleaning and janitorial services. The carpet cleaning industry is responsible for about 10% of the overall cleaning industry revenues. (Service Monster)

77% of the firms which are currently operating in the carpet cleaning industry in the U.S. employ 4 or fewer employees. (Service Monster)

4 out of 5 firms that are currently working within the carpet cleaning industry are either sole proprietors or work as the only employee for their business. (Service Monster)

Responsive Carpet Cleaning Website Design

Because most cell phone users are stuck to their phones 24/7 and ready to search, many consider mobile marketing to be the ultimate marketing tool for carpet cleaners. Google uses a new system for ranking on mobile devices. If you have a mobile site and your competitor doesn’t, you will rank higher faster.

Gartner, a respected research company, predicts that mobile phones will overtake desktops as the most common device used to search for local businesses by next year.

This new technology will allow your main website to stay intact when searching from a desktop computer, but when someone is searching from a mobile device it automatically switches over to your mobile site.

Mobile sites are designed differently because searchers are only looking for a few things: services, phone numbers, and maybe a location in some instances. That means big bold buttons and always a big clickable phone number at the top of every page.

Mobile Ready Web Design

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Search Engine Friendly

Carpet Cleaning Websites Ranking Factors

Your website’s loading speed, internal architecture, and carpet cleaning keywords used all affect your SEO rankings. These fall under the category of on-site SEO ranking factors, which are internal website elements that are directly under your control. On-site SEO includes many different variables, like the headings used and outgoing links, so you need to adjust these properly to get the best results.

Off-Site Organic Ranking Factors

Google and other platforms also take into account your social media presence, local directory information, and backlink profile when calculating search results. These are all examples of off-site SEO ranking factors, or variables that you can influence, but are not directly under your control. Managing these SEO ranking factors is a bit trickier than on-site, but you can still control them to some extent and ensure that they send positive signals to Google.

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